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Send money from Australia to Nepal with minimal Remittance costs


Signup with minimum data email and phone number to send money in nepal. You can use our remittance service by completing the following steps:

Send Money

Currently, most people prefer to transfer funds through mobile devices. This is due to its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and speed. We offer the possibility to transmit and receive funds using one's mobile number. The mobile number must be connected to our system, including the electronic wallet interface.

Received Money

Reciver will get money in their respective Bank account. The time it takes funds to reach the beneficiary account quickly. This bank to bank transfer.


We Have The Most Users All Over The Australia

Ktm Remit, a reputable money transfer company, is licensed in Australia by the Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Ktm Remit is registered under the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (ATRAC). The company must be associated with authorized remittance operators in every country. Ktm Remit remittances service is the best remittance service for Nepalese immigrants worldwide. At Ktm Remit, we make it as fast, safe, and easy as possible. But above all, by providing better exchange rates than most traditional banks and remittance services, we ensure your money goes further. By doing so, we hope to become a true new millennium remittance company.

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Sending money to Nepal is a secure choice via our reputable channels

Benificiary Management

Sender can send money to nepal in multiple beneficiary on same day. All the beneficiary will maintain separately.


Personal Dashboard

Sender have separate dashboard to manage all functionality. Create trasaction order, update profile, update beneficiary account, moniter tranaction, check paid status.



We are a legitimate remittance company that provides remittance services to global customers, including Nepalese communities. We transfer Australian currencies to NPR and other leading currencies without hidden fees. Our online remittance rates are meager. We provide international students with the best support by providing them with the best remittance services.


Transaction Tracking

At Ktm Remit, we provide a reliable remittance service that facilitates the prompt and convenient transfer of funds into Nepali currency. Monitor your account to stay informed of the money transfer progress via our global platform. We have earned the trust and confidence of our valued customers through successful remittances, both in-person and online.


Bank Payment

We are a competitive remittance company that helps you to send your foreign currency to Nepal after simple conversion into your domestic currencies. To achieve this, we use advanced technology to lower the cost of sending money from Australia to Nepal. We are one of the most reliable remittance service providers for helping you.


Manage Everything in Your Hand

Standardized Charges

You can deposit or withdraw funds at fixed rates through our portal. Complete our online forms and deposit or withdraw the funds you require. We operate within the legal framework with no strings attached.

Best Support

Ktm Remit is a top-notch service provider that makes money transfers easy and hassle-free worldwide. We make your online transactions faster by emailing you all the details you need, like your order confirmation number and money transfer proof.


Start sending your money to your loved ones in Nepal with peace of mind. We're here to help you with money transfers and deposits. Quicker withdrawals can be made through our portal from anywhere. We're proud to offer you our top-notch remittance service.


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Various methods used by our organization to send money from Australia to Nepal.

Exchange rates are competitive

We offer the most competitive Australian Dollar Exchange rates compared to our competitors. Our advanced infrastructure allows for fast money transfer without compromising your privacy. We are committed to providing the best Australian Dollar Exchange rates available.


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We can expedite the process of transferring your funds to the correct destination. Our team utilizes the most suitable resources for international remittances. The payment platform enables users to monitor their funds with ease.

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